The Suss’s Summer Playlist

Summer is pretty great; that shouldn’t need to be expanded upon, but we’re going to anyway because as well being seasonal playlist enthusiasts, we here at The Suss also like explaining things until people stop reading/caring/living.

Summer is a time for fun, a time to bask in the sun and forget about whatever notions you have about yourself being a tastemaker. You can just relax and listen to whatever seems like it would suit the sunny weather outside.

It would be a crime to spend time indoors making the perfect playlist for sunny days on a sunny day, so we here at The Suss decided to do the job for you while it’s still April. These songs are for listening to while you drive to the beach, for listening to while you’re at the beach and for listening to on your way home from the beach. Going to the beach is something people do during the summer!

When the sun comes out, you forget whatever abstract crap you’re listening to, grab your GAA club shorts (make sure they’re not white, for the love of God don’t let them be white) and head toward the sea, wherever that may be. You stop pretending to be some sort of original and grab your nearest Hollister t-shirt too, because it’s not actually that warm.

Having invented the seasonal playlist, it brings us great joy to wrap up the series with the best season there is. This playlist feels like the right way to go out and it is fitting that this will be the current Suss editorial team’s last issue. So, just like you on the way back from Howth or Rosslare or wherever people on the west coast go, just like Action Bronson at the end of “Easy Rider”, we will ride the Harley into the sunset.


1. Fight Like Apes – “Do You Karate?”
2. Vampire Weekend – “Unbelievers”
3. Merchandise – “Little Killer”
4. Toro Y Moi – “Low Shoulder”
5. Seiho – “I Feel Rave”
6. Fall Out Boy – “Uma Thurman”
7. Charli XCX – “Body of My Own”
8. The 1975 – “Sex (EP Version)
9. Dizzy K. Falola – “Sweet Music”
10. Kendrick Lamar – “i”
11. Bob Marley – “Sun Is Shining”
12. Chance the Rapper Feat. Childish Gambino – “Favorite Song”
13. Florence + the Machine – “Never Let Me Go”
14. Main Attrakionz – “Perfect Skies”
15. Melody’s Echo Chamber – “I Follow You”
16. The Shins – “Know Your Onion!”
17. Big Star – “September Gurls”
18. Delta Spirit – “Devil Knows You’re Dead”
19. Action Bronson – “Easy Rider”

Odrán de Bhaldraithe, Stephen Keegan, Bryan Grogan, Holly Brown, Chris Kennedy and Mark Hogan


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