What to wear: Festival

If you find yourself in my position, and you’re staying in the Emerald Isle this summer, it’s time to make preparations for the best part of the season; Festivals. We lust for the days of ever-changing weather with wellies and tents, and for it to be socially acceptable to wear a floral headband. While our festivals may not rival Coachella or Lollapalooza, they are certainly are a rite of passage and what better way to show up to EP or longitude than rocking the perfect outfit and attitude. Here are your festival wardrobe staples for next season.



No surprise here, the crochet top is commonly a popular favourite with avid festival goers that include Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. Versatile and cute, the crochet top can be worn with just about anything in your festival wardrobe. Word to the wise, make sure you wear it on the first/second day; no one likes a grubby crochet top four days in.


Nothing says festival more than a chic black fringe top. Avoid opting for pastel colours as you can end up looking like a 6 year old on holidays. Style with simple denim cut offs or a black maxi skirt.


You’ve reached the third day, and if you’re feeling lazy and not looking forward to the communal showers, pack some dry shampoo and restore life to your hair with a funky hair tie. It’ll hide the greasy monstrosity that lies beneath.


Face it, we are in Ireland and most likely you will experience hail, rain, sleet and sun during your weekend so be prepared. Rather than choosing a cheap and uncomfortable rain-coat from Penneys (which will never fit back into that little bag again) try bringing a parka jacket. It’s warm and comforting and for those nights when you’re sleeping on the wet grass, it’ll be your life saver.


Orlaith Farrell

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