DCU to host Young University Summit

The second global Young Universities Summit (YUS) will be held this week in The Helix from Wednesday April 29th to Thursday April 30th.

YUS will focus on how universities founded fifty years ago or less can compete in a fast-paced and highly competitive global market with other older and experienced universities. The event will also address key issues for young universities, including how to establish a world-class university without centuries of history and tradition, and the challenges less established universities experience in regards to leadership.

Phil Baty, rankings editor of Times Higher Education, believes that despite young universities having some disadvantages in comparison to older universities, they still have a lot to offer to their students. “Young universities may not have the rich history or the rich resources and reputations of their older counterparts, but they have a sense of energy, flexibility, and dynamism that some of the ancient universities can lack,” Baty said.

There will be 21 guest speakers at the event, which include Jan O’Sullivan, Minister for Education as well as presidents of universities from all over the world.

President of DCU, Brian MacCraith, also speaking at the event, said he is delighted that DCU is hosting this year’s Young University Summit. “YUS 2015 will bring together leaders and leading thinkers from some of the most dynamic, innovative and distinctive universities worldwide to share the best practice and address some of the key challenges and opportunities facing higher education today,” he said.

DCU is one of many colleges worldwide that have the status of a university under 50 years of age. After being created as the National Institute for Higher Education in 1975, the college was only promoted to the status of a university in 1989.

The event will also host the official worldwide launch of a unique ranking system of the top 100 universities under the age of 50 years called “The 100 Under 50 Rankings 2015.” The results will be posted online at 9pm on Wednesday April 29th.

Last year, DCU finished joint with another young university in 92nd place.

Clara Hickey

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