DCU prepares for same-sex referendum

DCU showed their support for the upcoming same-sex marriage referendum, by raising a rainbow flag outside The Hub, last week.

A ceremony was held to unveil the flag where Chairperson of LGBTA, Gillian McInerney, who was joined by DCU lecturer and member of Yes Equality Steve Conlon, and student Benji Foley, spoke about the significance of this event.

“It’s a symbol of community. It’s a symbol of recognition of the struggle that the LGBT community has undergone in the last 50 years in Ireland. It’s a symbol of unity. It’s a symbol of strength and a symbol of commitment from the committee of DCU to support the LGBT community on May 22nd,” said Conlon.

In a referendum held by the SU earlier this year 98% of DCU students voted in favour of Marriage Equality.

A Marriage Equality panel discussion was also held in DCU by the LGBTA Society and the Students’ Union to prepare for the referendum.

Senior lecturer of Expressions, Research, Orientations & Sexual Studies (EROSS), Jean-Philippe Imbert, chaired the panel. Other members included Annie Hoey from Union of Students Ireland, including representatives from Yes Equality, and local TD John Lyons.

The panel gave an informative discussion on the campaign for Marriage Equality in Ireland and welcomed questions from audience members. Each panel member took time to discuss in detail, their views on the referendum.

“I want it to pass personally, but I think it will say an awful lot about Irish society, about how we value ourselves, how we value the future and how we value LGBT children,” Annie Hoey said.

One of the issues raised during the discussion was that students should ensure to exercise their vote on the referendum on May 22.

“We need to realise that the students managed to make it to university. We must acknowledge that there is a responsibility to try and meet the campaign half way. There’s only so much we can do. It’s up to you to turn up and vote, at the end of the day,” TD John Lyons said.

Yes Equality also set up stands in The Henry Grattan Building to register students on the Supplementary Register of Electors, which closes May 4th. Many students also pledged to vote Yes in the referendum.

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