Hub build delayed until next year

Construction on the €14 million extension to the student hub will begin early next year according to Students’ Union president Kenneth Browne.

The progress of the building of the new student centre was hindered by delays this year because of “technical stuff and planning issues,” Browne admitted.

“Architectural planning should be over the next couple of months and into semester one of next year. And then Early next year they should break ground. It’ll be about an 18 month build,” Browne explained.

The student levy will account for €8 million of the finance behind the build. The rest Browne told The College View, is coming from “external sources which we were lucky to get this year.”

While a general vision of the aesthetic of the exterior of the building is in place, nothing has yet to be finalised in regards to what purpose the space inside will fulfil.

Browne explained: “It’s very difficult to accommodate everyone with their own room but there’ll be a lot of multi-purpose space similar to our venue now or our old bar.” As opposed to assigning different rooms different functions the extension will consist of versatile, “transformable space” not specified for one certain activity.

Katie O’Neill

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