Ahoy ahoy! My name’s Fionnuala, and I am equally delighted and apprehensive to be helming The Suss for the incoming year as editor. Following in the footsteps of Odrán and Bryan is daunting to say the least, but with the help of Stephen and the rest of the team, we’re hoping to educate, enlighten and entertain, (had to sneak the bit o’ cheese in there).

They say you can’t please everyone, but in the words of Marge Simpson, “those people are quitters”. I’m keen to make sure The Suss doesn’t alienate anyone because of their tastes. It’s important to appreciate the arts for what they are, even when something isn’t ‘your thing’.

Music and pop culture is something that keeps me up at night, and ruins my life in the best possible way. Last year, I spent close to €1000 on concert tickets alone. Just as well journalism is renowned for well-paying employment opportunities… Ahem…

Looking ahead to the summer, I’m excited to indulge in the best in television and movies, as well attending Indiependence for the second year. However, I expect the latter months crying following the release of Frank Ocean’s third record. You’re more than welcome to join me.


Onwards and upwards, or something equally clichéd,

Fionnuala Jones, Editor




Hello Suss fans! Let me take a little time to introduce myself – I’m Stephen Keegan and I’m privileged to be the new deputy arts editor.


So who am I then? Put simply, I am an arts nerd – a huge music nerd in particular. Live music is my passion and I’m a big fan of the Irish music scene. Right now I’m frothing in anticipation for the this week’s release of Le Galaxie’s new album Le Club and their album launch shows in the Academy this Friday and Saturday.


This week I take a look into the challenges facing Record Store Day and what it means for independent Irish stores. Looking deeper into these issues and what they mean for our scene is something I want to tackle as deputy editor.


We here at the Suss take pride in not just bringing you information about the arts but also attempting to critically examine the arts and its relationship with us as DCU students, and Fionnuala and I are confident we can live up to the standards set by Odrán and Bryan in this regard. It’s a big challenge, but bring it on.


It’s going to be a good year.


Stephen Keegan, Deputy Editor

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