Puppies soothe student-stress in Trinity College Dublin

Over 400 students visited the puppy and dog room set up by The Students’ Union at Trinity College Dublin last week.

It was the second year in a row that this event – organised by Peata Ireland, a voluntary organisation that arranges pet visit to caring institution – took place on Trinity campus. With the exam period approaching, the aim is to help students de-stress by bringing on campus some new furry friends to cuddle: 12 therapy dogs, all from Peata.

Students were asked to contribute by donating between 2 and 5 euro, and the money raised will go straight to the organisation. Considering the big turnout, Trinity SU’s Welfare Officer Ian Mooney said he is expecting to raise at least 800 euro this year.

The topic of dealing with stress has become particularly important after the HSE has released data showing that one in four people is suffering from subclinical stress.
Gianluca Avagnina

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