Renewed: True Detective

True Detective

It was recently announced that season two of Nic Pizzolatto’s hit crime drama True Detective would hit screens in the US on June 21st and arrive to Irish shores later this year. However, it seems very little will be the same in the show’s sophomore eight-episode run.

Fans may be disappointed to know that neither Matthew McConaughey’s Rust nor Woody Harrelson’s Marty will feature in the new series. Instead, the show has completely overhauled the cast, adding two new A-list leading men, Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughan.

Farrell will play police detective Ray Velcoro who will spend the season unraveling the murder of a man whose body is found on a lonely stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway. Vaughan, on the other hand , will play a career criminal whose attempt to break good comes to a halt following the death of his business partner. It’s probably safe to presume these two deaths are one in the same.

A third new addition to the cast comes in the way of Rachel McAdams of Mean Girls fame. She will play a tough and troubled local sheriff who, when she’s not fighting crime, is battling a nasty gambling and alcohol addiction. As this is looking to be McAdams’ most high profile role in years, you might wonder if she is hoping it will help to spark the career renaissance it did for Matthew McConaughey.

And of course, we cannot forget the most important of all new characters – sunny California! Gone will be the long shots of vast desert landscapes that were seen in last season’s Louisiana setting. Pizzolatto confirmed the move to the west coast and revealed much of the season will take place in Los Angeles, which leads us to believe there will be more of a Hollywood influence on the upcoming storylines.

Rust and Marty undeniably left very big shoes to fill, but thankfully it looks like the new season of True Detective has more than enough in store to keep us on the edge of our seats once more.


Gary Grimes

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