Record high for Access programme

“Equity of access to education is central to what DCU is all about.” President of the university, Brian MacCraith told a crowded dining room in Albert College last Thursday.

Benefactors, faculty members and access students past and present gathered for a breakfast-time celebration to recognise 25 years of the Access programme in DCU. Those gathered spoke fondly about the programme, its societal impact and the impact it has made in the lives of many.

DCU boasts the oldest and biggest access programme in the country which began with six students and now grants access to third level education for over 1,200. This year 434 students will enter DCU under the access programme.

Professor MacCraith spoke with great pride about DCU’s long history with the programme which seeks to provide third level education for those living in disadvantaged areas or from lesser means

“The access programme in DCU is all about our core values. Your abilities should determine if you get in to education not your background or your means,” MacCraith told the College View.

“We’re so proud of the growth of it now to pass the milestone of 1000 students this year. it means we’re supporting the individuals who wouldn’t have the opportunity for higher education. It’s a significant milestone for us it will always be part of what DCU is about,” MacCraith continued.

Third year aviation management with pilot studies student, Ryan Graham credits the access programme with granting him the future he always wanted. “It’s opened so many doors, so many opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible without the programme,” he said.

“My mother always told me the sky is my limit, I guess that’s ironic because that’s exactly where I want to go,” said Graham.

The event was held by the DCU Educational Trust.

Katie O’Neill

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