DCU led research group highlights way forward for dementia prevention

An EU-funded, DCU-led dementia research and deterrence project aims to raise awareness on how people can prevent the onset of dementia later in life.

In-MINDD (Innovative, Midlife Intervention for Dementia Deterrence) is a project partnered by DCU, Maastricht University, Glasgow University, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, and Pintail Ltd., a company that facilitates academic/industry collaboration. Dr. Kate Irving of DCU’s School of Nursing is the leader of the project.

Ciaran Clissmann of Pintail Ltd. said the multinational aspect of the project is essential.

“A broad European perspective is critical – a solution that works in only one country is of limited value”, Clissmann told The College View.

The project identified 12 major factors in assessing and reducing the risk of dementia including depression high blood pressure, social activity, diabetes, obesity, smoking, heart disease, and diet.

In-MINDD met on October 1st and 2nd in Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club to discuss making dementia prevention techniques part of national policy.

Dementia is estimated to affect almost 50,000 people in Ireland alone.

In-MINDD’s goals are to create online tools for doctors to assess a person’s lifestyle, to create personal plans for lifestyles that prevent dementia, and to provide online support for making dementia deterring lifestyle changes.

Conor O’Doherty

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