Freshers hurlers prove too strong for Maynooth

Gary Tynan stole the show as DCU freshers dominated NUI Maynooth in their opening match in the 2015/16 Freshers A Hurling league last Thursday night, October 8th at St. Clare’s.

The wing-forward scored 1-3 from play and five frees along with multiple assists and build up plays putting heavy pressure on the Maynooth back six.

Maynooth suffered an early loss with their number 7 going off after a strong challenge forced him to the sideline, an early sign of DCU’s physicality playing a huge factor in the outcome of the game.

Tynan scored the first of three goals early in the second half giving himself all the time he needed as his marker paid the price for granting Tynan that extra yard.

DCU corner-forward Aaron Kinsella threatened the defence throughout the game and was unlucky not to get a goal in the first half as the ball slipped over the full-back straight into Kinsella’s hands but he tapped it to the side of the goalkeeper and the ball bounced straight onto the post, to be cleared by the Maynooth defence.

However, Kinsella found the net in the second half after a series of intricate plays from DCU as Tynan thread the ball through the Maynooth back line reaching Sean Hickey who in turn slipped the ball into space. Kinsella wasted no time in slotting it home.

Tynan and Hickey linked up after 52 minutes for the latter to score the third and final goal of the game.
Maynooth rarely showed signs of challenging in the first half but as the game progressed and legs tired, cracks started to show but unfortunately for the Maynooth forwards, fatigue kicked in and they couldn’t take their chances.

Paul Kelly struggled early on with his catching and dropping short with a shot but worked himself into the game scoring the first of five points in the tenth minute followed by a point minutes later with his boot after losing his hurl.

The DCU defence was controlled by centre-back and Kilkenny under-21 star Conor Delaney who led by example, dominating his man as well as helping his wing-backs when under pressure.

The game ended with a Maynooth shot from midfield hitting the upright and going wide, which summed up their game as a whole with a disappointing display from the Kildare men.

Final score: DCU 3 – 19, Maynooth 0 – 8

DCU starting line up
1. Mark Cullen
2. Seán Quinn
3. Ciarán Pender
4. Gavin Kenny
5. Ciarán Brady
6. Conor Delaney
7. Robbie Gillen
8. Liam Fahey
9. Cathal Doran
10. Sean Hickey
11. Owen Roberts
12. Gary Tynan
13. Aaron Kinsella
14. Paul Kelly
15. Darragh Brennan

16. Eddie Murphy
17. Eimhin Gillman
18. Cathal Gibbon
19. Killian Linnane
20. Michael Waters
21. Rudhán O Bearra
22. Ruirí McCarthy

NUI Maynooth team-sheet not provided.

Andrew Byrne

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