The end of an era for man buns and beards

One thing to take from Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ is that hairy men are not to be admired. The vivid image Dahl paints of Mr. Twit’s prickly beard, decorated with food, is one that can scar for life.

But it can’t be denied that in the last few years, men of all ages have embraced their hair. However, all this hair is about to get the chop.

Beards have always been a reoccurring fashion statement for men, as they embrace the ‘cool hippie’ look. Swamps of celebrities have modeled them including Jamie Dornan and David Beckham. But it seems that the hairy days are over, with the introduction of a new culture: ‘Yuccie.’

Yuccies (young urban creative cultured intellectual entrepreneur) are the new hippies. They want to embrace fashion and style while also being successful and it seems their cultural influence has now gotten rid of the beard.

Even model and Instagram sensation, Joel Alexander, who accumulated his following because of his beard has announced “the big beard trend is over and done”.

So, wave goodbye to the hipster beard and hello to the ‘yuccie’ approach. (Dumbledore, Jesus and Santa Clause, we’ll give you a pass.)

Man buns, also known as the hair craze introduced by MMA fighter Conor McGregor, are also on the way out.

This hair craze was showcased by some of the most (and least) famous faces of the world. We’ve all encountered a guy who tried to cluster a few ribs of hair together as an excuse for a man bun.

It was worn by the likes Zayn Malik, but Zayn now knows man bun time is up. McGregor himself has even come to terms with the fact that the bun is history.

So for all of you men still clinging on to that hairy dream, take a note from Elsa’s book and let it go.

Claire Prenty

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