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So summer is over and the cold weather is well and truly settling in. No need to keep in shape because you won’t be whipping out that swimsuit for another year, right? Wrong. Summer bodies are made in the winter. Here are some cheap ways to keep fit without having to pay those excessive fees to a gym which, realistically, we can’t seem to use half as much as we plan to.

  • Get up and move: Sounds simple doesn’t it? It’s exactly what it says on the tin. Grab your Penneys leggings and do whatever suits you. If that’s walking a kilometre or running ten, at least you’re moving. As they say: ‘you’re lapping everyone on the couch.’ You’ll feel great after and it won’t cost you a cent.


  • Join university sports teams: Even if you’re not the sporty type. There’s a huge selection of sports clubs to join from running to basketball, rugby to quidditch. Whatever it is that you think you might enjoy, it’ll only cost you 4 euro to sign up.


  • Apps: Strava is an example of a brilliant app for your smart phone which allows you to track the route you ran/walked/cycled and keep track of how fast you can do it. The next time you take on a route you can try to beat your last time, and of course it’s free to download. Instagram is also filled with thousands of fitness pages that have free workouts and healthy eating ideas. They make it look so appealing that you can’t help but want to get moving.


  • H2O: Everyone already knows it, but how many actually do it? If you drink a minimum of two litres of water per day, you’re already flushing out your system of junk food before even thinking about exercising. So get the water into you and you’ll notice a difference pretty quickly.

Aisling McCabe

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