GAA National Education and Research Centre

DCU has teamed up with the GAA and the National Education and Research Centre (NERC) to build a new centre for sports development.  The centre will serve as a hub for research, innovation and education in areas such as player well-being, performance analysis, coaching techniques, refereeing, sports medicine and the science of success.

“The GAA is a volunteer organisation that stretches out into all towns and villages in Ireland. As you go around the country there are different centres for player development, but this new centre in DCU will be a national centre to enhance all aspects of the GAA,” said the project leader.

“The GAA invested half of the money needed and the project manager is Nicky Brennan, former president of the GAA,” he continued.

“If the campaign succeeds in getting the funding on the DCU side, building can start very quickly. It’s already started in terms of concept and planning and will take up to 18 months to complete.”

Pilot projects have already begun including refereeing and leadership within the GAA. There will be a number of undergraduate students’ projects connected with the centre in terms of skill based training and involvement of sports.

The national project will also focus on how to keep everyone engaged in physical activities and to reach out to everyone across the country.

By Catherine Devine

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