Halloween make-up ideas

Halloween make-up allows you to bring out your creative side, with looks ranging from the simple yet sultry cat to the scary yet hauntingly gorgeous zombie bride. Experimenting with make-up is part of the fun Halloween brings, but if you don’t consider yourself to be advanced in the make-up department, don’t worry, because there are a few simple tricks of the trade that will allow your face to take centre stage on Halloween night.

These two make-up looks are simple and easy to create, requiring minimal effort in the costume department.

The ‘Classic Convenient Cat’ make-up look, which many girls have tried their hands at, can be transformed into a ‘Pretty Kitty’ in just a few simple steps. To create those dramatic cat eyes prime your eyes using a powder or eye primer in order to prevent excess shadow falling on your cheeks. Place make-up tape at the corner of your eye. Apply a light gold eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye moving into a bold brown shadow in the outer corner. When applying your eyeliner, dip the wing of the inner corner lower than usual to create an angled effect, and use the make-up tape as a stencil when drawing that perfect wing. False eyelashes are an essential part of this look so the bigger the better. For the cat nose use a black eyeliner to fill in the bottom of your nose connecting it to your lips. To get those delicate whiskers use a fine eyeliner brush, brushing the liner upwards. Contour and highlight the essential parts of your face and add a luscious lip gloss to finish the look.

For the ‘Zombie Bride’ look your foundation is key, so use a foundation two shades lighter than you’d usually apply or alternatively, you may opt for white face paint. Use a wine eyeshadow as a base to your eyes, followed by a black eyeshadow on your middle section. Use a fine eyeshadow brush to underline your eye with black shadow. Contour your face using grey eyeshadow and use a deep plum lipstick on your lips. To add to the effect, apply fake blood dripping from the corner of your lips and smudge some fake blood on your neck and face, covering it with grey eyeshadow to create a bruised effect.

Amy Lawlor

Image Credit: styloss.com

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