Lack of planning to amalgamate Clubs and Societies

Credit: Sonja Sjögren.

DCU and St. Pat’s College Societies Officers have spoken out on the lack of planning regarding the amalgamation of societies between both campuses.

 “Next year there won’t be Pat’s societies, they will all be DCU societies,” Bríd Browne, DCU Societies Officer said.

 Browne stated there will be workshops to prepare societies for the amalgamation, in the second semester of this academic year. No other plans have been announced.

St. Pat’s Societies Officer, Stephen Rixon, was unaware of plans for workshops, “There’s nothing being put in place. Other than me telling societies to have joint events, there’s nothing else that can be done. The people organising the amalgamation haven’t spoken about it, whoever they are.”

 Rixon voiced concerns regarding the amalgamation of larger societies and the struggles that will arise when DCU societies will have to delegate events among campuses, “It will be hard for some societies to come together.”

 “With the Drama Society, there’s so much work put into the shows on the DCU campus. When they come together they won’t be able to organise shows to be put on in the St Pat’s campus, unless there’s a St. Pat’s committee in the one society,” he said.

 Neither Officers have many individual plans to commence work on the amalgamation.

 “I’ll definitely have to have meetings with the societies that are coming together to see how they feel about it and what we could do to make it easier,” Browne said.

 “I would like to get involved with planning but I have no idea who to contact,” Rixon said.

 “I was talking to Siobhan Byrne, from DCU Clubs and Societies, but I have no idea who is in charge of getting the societies to come together.”

Hayley Halpin

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