Trinity tops list of entrepreneur output

Trinity College Dublin have been ranked the number one university in Europe for producing entrepreneurs over the past 5 years, according to new independent research by a US research firm.

The research by Pitchbook reveals that TCD have churned out a total of 114 entrepreneurs, 106 companies and $655 million in capital since 2010. Oxford University followed closely behind ranking in at second place.

UCD also made the top ten, ranking in at fourth place with 70 entrepreneurs, 62 companies and a total of $275 million in capital made. No other university in Ireland featured in the top ten.

One of the many successful businesses formed by TCD graduates is Foodcloud, a business set up to connect charities in need of food with businesses who have excess food. This business venture was set up in 2013 by Iseult Ward and Aoibheann O’Brien.

The creative idea sparked lots of interest leading to numerous investments including a flagship deal with Tesco. The supermarket chain agreed that its 146 stores would redistribute their unneeded food to aid charities nationwide.

Director of Research and Innovation in TCD, Diarmuid O’Brien said: “This is a fantastic achievement and underlines the impact our graduates are making as innovators and entrepreneurs whose companies are changing Ireland, and the world, for the better.”

Despite TCD ranking top of Europe, their overall capital of $655 million is only half that of University of Copenhagen who produced more than $1.3 billion, even though the Danish college created just 54 entrepreneurs and 49 companies.

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