Union criticises Trinity recruitment

700 SIPTU members working for TCD including library workers, security guards, maintenance staff and administrative staff are voting on taking administrative action against TCD management. Image Credit: Graham McGrath

Trinity College Dublin’s (TCD) scheme for recruiting new academics has been criticised heavily for being “outside of traditional public service recruitment arrangements.”

TCD plan to fill 40 academic posts through international recruitment in the next month. The Trade Union governing university lecturers has heavily criticised this move, with Mike Jennings, general secretary of the Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT), expressing to The Irish Times his “very serious concerns”.

€16 million has been allocated for this recruitment and the successful newly appointed will take up their positions in September 2016.

Marian Burns, Director of Human Resources in DCU explained how university’s recruitment process operates: “In DCU, all long-term academic positions are advertised on the university external website, The Irish Universities website and on occasion, for more senior positions, in The Irish Times. Positions may also be advertised, in both national and international specialist publications and on appropriate websites.”

“DCU is an Equal Opportunities employer and as such all academic positions are open to national and international candidates,” Burns concluded.

“Masters students are ideally kept on to do PhDs and further their education, to ultimately become lecturers within the university”, Lisa Tully, a Marketing Teaching Assistant told The College View.

“An email was circulated to the Masters students about a vacancy. There then was CV screenings and interviews, that’s how I got my job.”

Emma Duffy

Image: Graham McGrath

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