USI Survey Reveals Dissatisfaction

The majority of third level students believe the government did not adequately address student issues in the Budget, a recent USI survey revealed.

93.3 per cent of students felt that education was not prioritised in the Budget, while 91 per cent felt that the government did not give enough attention to student supports.

There were increases to supports for disadvantaged students in higher level education, which was welcomed by the USI president Kevin Donoghue. The student assistant fund (SAF) secured an extra €3 million this year, €2 million of which will go to students who are considered vulnerable because of their background.

A further €2 million is to be allocated to the development of new technological universities in Dublin, Munster and the South-East.

According to the survey, 80 per cent of students intend to vote for non-government parties in the next General Election after hearing the details of Budget 2016. Two-thirds of the students that took part in the survey said they felt let down by the Fine Gael-Labour coalition.

The five per cent rise in minimum wage will be of benefit to working students. It is set to increase by 50 cent to €9.15 next year.


Aoibheann Diver

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