Paula-Avril Jatariu awarded Chancellor Medal for excellence in University life

A BA in International Relations graduate has been awarded the DCU Chancellor’s Medal for achieving excellence in both academic and extra-curricular aspects of University life.

Paula-Avril Jatariu achieved a first class honours degree in International Relations at the graduation ceremony where she was awarded the DCU Chancellor’s Medal. The medal is a special accolade of recognition to a student that has achieved a standard of excellence in contribution to the University both by academic and extra-curricular means.

She was presented the medal from Professor John Doyle, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. In his speech Professor Doyle praised Paula-Avril for her success and her contribution to the University.“Her passion for the University and for the betterment of society and her outgoing nature has endeared her to staff and students alike”he said.

In 2011 Paula-Avril came to DCU to study International Relations from Bacau in Romania and has since become an active member of society life. Paula-Avril devoted her college years to volunteer work, social issues engagement, and organising society projects.

She was a volunteer with SUAS Literacy Support Programme, Secretary and Webmaster of DCU Amnesty Society, a member of the DCU Model UN society, and she was Chairperson and PRO of DCU’s Karate Club.

Paula-Avril was also selected as a Student Ambassador, an EU Careers Ambassador, and she was also a volunteer with the DCU Mentorship Programme and international World Peace Day Festival.

Professor Doyle said that her ability to combine her academic success with extra-curricular activities is the hallmark to making a “lasting contribution to the well-being of the University.”

Professor Doyle also said that Paula-Avril has been an “extraordinary ambassador” for the University, and that her “academic abilities, her intellectual rigour and curiosity combined with her commitment to the University make her a worthy recipient of the Chancellor’s medal”.

By Hannah Moran

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