Irish schools must teach tech says Google boss

The head of Google in Ireland said that there should be more focus on the tech and IT sectors in Irish education as there is a continued growth in this industry.

Speaking ahead of National Digital Week, Ronan Harris has called for a focus on people learning tech-related skills through Irish education, as there is “huge opportunities” in this field. “We need to have responsive education systems that move towards that,” said Harris.

“All the research shows that when companies, large or small, embrace digital, they are creating twice as many jobs and growing exports” said Harris continuing on the topic of a need for tech related education in Ireland. He also said that he would make sure his own children would learn skills like coding.

The Irish Times reports that the tech and IT industry could be “worth more than $250 billion (€220 billion) globally by 2017”.

Harris believes the growth of the tech industry will benefit Rural Ireland, “I think the opportunities for businesses in a place like West Cork is the recognition that traditional boundaries are now eliminated. They can build a customer base beyond the traditional boundaries.”

Cathal McCahey

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