Out of this galaxy hair

Dying strips of your hair the colours of the cosmos is the latest hair trend sweeping Instagram.

Searches of the popular hashtag ‘galaxy hair’ result in  pictures of people’s newly-coloured hair next to images of space, stars, and planets.

The hair must be pre-lightened with bleach for the colour pigments to take to the hair.

Vibrant purples, navies, pinks, greens and oranges are dyed in an ombré effect throughout different sections of the hair. This replicates different swirling sci-fi colours inspired by the galaxy.

The process can take around five hours depending on how many colours you want and you will need regular touch ups to keep the vivid hues from fading.  “The upkeep is very difficult, there’s a lot involved with it. You have to really take care of it to make it last,” hair stylist Kristi Coleman said to buzzfeed.com.

This trend is very popular with both men and women. DIY versions of this trend should not be tried at home for obvious reasons. An alternative for anyone who wants to try out the trend but doesn’t want to commit fully is hair chalk.

Hair chalk is a perfect alternative because it washes out easily with shampoo and can be applied at home. It’s non-toxic and won’t damage your hair. Although it appears more vibrant on lighter strands of hair, you don’t have to bleach your hair for it to show on darker hair tones.

However, excessive use of hair chalk will leave your hair with a very dry and coarse texture. Once washed out, the hair returns to normal without lasting damage. Spraying the chalked strands of hair with hair spray slows down the fading process and locks in the colour. But beware of the rain or you will look like a chalk bomb exploded all over you.

Conor Martin

Image credit: boredpanda.com

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