USI gets mental health down to a tea

St. Patrick’s College Drumcondra, with the Union of Students of Ireland (USI), launched a new campaign called ‘chats for change’ which deals with mental health issues for students.

This campaign aims to encourage young people to talk about their mental health issues. The USI is providing students with tea while they talk through their situation.

A recent survey conducted by USI revealed that 36 per cent of students said that they felt down every day. Only 21 per cent of students said that they would talk about their mental health issues with their family whereas 60 per cent said that they would talk to their friends.

Of those surveyed, 42 per cent of people said that, “Feeling isolated and hopeless with low self-esteem,” is the worst thing about feeling sad. This new organisation wants to promote talking about one’s problem and overcoming the difficulty that young people face talking about their mental problems.

In the last year 393 people under the age of 30 committed suicide, President of USI, Kevin Donoghue said. The aim of campaign is to lessen that figure and encourage better mental health awareness.
Aine Conaty

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