USI may run against ‘frustrating’ Mullen

The Union of Students Ireland (USI) has said that it will consider running a candidate against Senator Ronan Mullen if he “continues to represent a particular type of views”.

Mullen, who represents the National University of Ireland Seanad constituency, attempted to interrupt the recent passing of the same-sex marriage bill, and has been heavily criticised by the USI for his stance on marriage equality.

Speaking to The College View, president of the USI, Kevin Donoghue, cited Mullen’s continued opposition to marriage equality as one of the main reasons they may run someone against him.

“If you look at the constituent colleges that he is elected from, all of them would have held referendums on marriage equality in the last number of years, and I don’t think there was a result of less than 90 per cent in favour of that,” Donoghue said.

“But I suppose his continuous statements in opposition to that particular stance was frustrating for us and for a lot of students and a lot of people he represents.”

However, Donoghue recognises the “significant possibility” of Mullen being re-elected due to his strong following.

The USI has also criticised Mullen in the past for his views on abortion, previously calling his comments on the issue inaccurate and unfounded.

When contacted by The College View, Mullen said that while he wishes all candidates well, he has no comment to make on the issue.

Lisa O’Donnell

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