Student accommodation building plans scrapped

The building of a 970 bedroom student accommodation complex in the Docklands is to be suspended pending a planning review.

The Union of Students Ireland (USI) and the Higher Education Authority (HEA) have said they support a decision by Dublin City Council to order a redesign for a student accommodation complex in the Docklands.

Stewart Roche from the HEA says “any new accommodation needs to be conscious of what a student requires and that the issues with a lack of light and space need to be addressed”.

The USI stresses the need for “well thought out student accommodation, sufficient for the needs of the future” according to USI spokesperson Kevin O’Higgins.

This comes after the council ordered a redesign of the complex due to what they say are “serious concerns in relation to the design of the facades of the complex and the amount and quality of open space provided.”

The proposed 970 bedroom development at the Point Village also contains plans for a number of studio apartments, which are not allowed under Dublin City Councils current development plan.

“The big issue is the student apartment which they want removed” says Roche from the HEA.

The USI’s Kevin O’Higgins says “although the current legislation does not allow for the studios, perhaps there is scope to look at it, in further detail”.

While the HEA and USI both acknowledge the seriousness of the current student accommodation crisis, they support the position of the council.

According to Roche there is a need for appropriate accommodation “to avoid legacy issues in 20 to 30 years time where there may be serious problems with ill thought out accommodation”.

Dublin City Council say they are unable to comment on a live planning application.

Conor Sheehan

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