Decorating your college room for Christmas

There is no reason for student accommodation to remain gloomy and dull this holiday season. A simple string of fairy lights can be all any room needs to add a touch of Christmas cheer. Clearing away the saucepan you ate your cereal out of this morning can also help too.

While most student apartments look like the Grinch’s cave at the best of times, a few straightforward pieces can transform your domain with minimal effort.

Adding Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa decorations to your accommodation can also prolong pangs of homesickness in the run up to the end of college, a time when most students are really looking forward to getting to spend a few weeks at home with their families.

Hosting a mini Christmas dinner with your housemates or doing Kris Kringle with your classmates can also keep the Christmas spirit going through the haze of assignment deadlines and can help minimise the longing to get to the cinnamon scented decked halls of home, whether that be as far away as Barcelona or Ballina.

The first port of call for holiday decor is the holy grail of cheap and cheerful, Penneys. Here you can pick up strands of tinsel, fairy lights and all manners of other decorations for a measly €1 each.  Dealz and other discount stores also offer a selection of Christmas decorations that are well suited to a student budget.

Another less well known gem is the clearance section of TK Maxx, where otherwise expensive Christmas decorations including mini trees, wall hangings and candles can be found at a fraction of the original price.

The old primary school favourites, paper chains and cut out snowflakes can also be hung about the place with only a smidgen of effort and can look just as festive as shop bought decor.

Sarah Magliocco

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