LinkedIn: The new way to network

With over 300 million users LinkedIn is becoming the new way to network. The website and app work by providing an interactive profile for users to share information about their professional life and connect with others in their industry.

LinkedIn is an important tool for students to help connect with potential employers post-graduation. LinkedIn is like an online CV which gives users a platform to share work experience and engage on a professional level with connections. It allows you to personalise your profile to list skills and achievements, which can then be endorsed by your connections.

LinkedIn provides an opportunity to build relationships with those with mutual professional attributes and career interests. It is an important medium for students looking for a career in industries driven by connections.

Last week DCU held a LinkedIn day on campus, where students were given the opportunity to have their headshots taken by a LinkedIn photographer. Head of Careers Service in DCU, Yvonne McLoughlin, gave a talk about the benefits of joining LinkedIn for students. She said, “LinkedIn can help increase chances of getting a job by broadening opportunities to connect with potential employers. ”

“70 per cent of jobs are sourced through networking.”

LinkedIn is useful for students because it helps them to expand their network and get noticed by the right people. It also helps to develop professional relationships with those in a similar field that ordinarily you wouldn’t get the chance to meet.

Groups on LinkedIn allow users to engage in conversation with connections about mutual interests and are beneficial for students wanting to expand their social circles on a professional level.

In many professions, sharing your work with peers is important to get feedback and open discussion on topical issues. With LinkedIn you can share work, such as articles or papers, with connections. Sharing work can also benefit in job searching as it showcases abilities and experience to potential employers.

For graduates in search of work it is important to learn as much about companies as possible before applying for jobs or undergoing interviews. LinkedIn can be used as a resource to find out more about what companies want in their employees. You can identify what skills companies are looking for and craft your profile around your abilities to match.

More and more companies use online resources to hire new staff. It’s important to remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform and the information you provide about yourself should be career centred.

Everyone that you connect with may provide an opportunity to help you further your career. Using a resource like LinkedIn may be exactly what you need to get noticed to get the job you want.

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