REVIEW: Ash at the Olympia Theatre


A firebrand performance from noughties heartthrobs Ash, asserting their relevance in an otherwise pop-dominated musical landscape. The tracks from their most recent release ‘Kablammo!’ frame the modern world in their uniqu style, a cascading soundscape of rock ‘n’ roll power, all bound together by Wheeler’s delicate harmonious lyrical offerings.

At times, Wheeler struggles with projection, which is understandable – the band notably cut their set at Indiependence short due to ill health. However, there is a great feeling among the crowd and band that is almost tangible. The energy and timing of Kung-Fu is second to none, and the slides between powerful performances and more touching ones is effortless.

It’d be easy to dismiss Ash at this stage in the game, but you’d be wrong to. The fans are a testament to their dedication and commitment to the craft in an ever evolving climate of sound.


Fionnuala Jones

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