Don’t travel – stay on the Green Isle this winter

Look, I get it. We can all suffer from those January blues. Christmas seems like a thousand years ago and you’re not ready to get back into college just yet. You decide to do something drastic. After a 4am session on the internet, you finally book yourself a trip to some place you’ve never heard of but it had a pretty picture on the website. It happens to the best of us.

But this shouldn’t be. You can’t just run away from your problems to a place that might be slightly warmer and slightly more expensive. This is not the Irish way. I’m here to show you why Ireland is the best place to be this winter.

1: The Weather

Nothing brings us together like rain.











Alright, you can stop laughing. The Irish weather is something to behold. This is the place to be for upcoming meteorologists. Storms are coming over from America just to touchdown here and that’s a fact. The ever-changing nature of the Irish weather gives the country a sense of unpredictability and mystery. How boring is it to have sun all the time? I wouldn’t actually know but I’d say it’s probably not great.

2: 1916 celebrations

Sure there’s the lads now













This is the big one. 100 years since one of the greatest moments in our history. For those of you that don’t know, it’s one of the greatest stories ever told. The 1916 Easter Rising was when a bunch of Irish boys got together, took control of some parts of their capital city for about a week before being thoroughly put back into their box. Oh, they were shot too and you know what? We’re bloody delighted about it. Dublin will be full of academic talks and incorrect re-enactments and a TV show that’s rated 7.1/10 on IMDB which is slightly above average.

3: Election Buzz

He’s coming for your votes Ireland











Let me tell you, elections are in this year. All the best countries are having one, us, America, Mongolia, all the big boys. Is there anything more exciting that having a bunch of random lads come to your door to say the same thing over and over under different banners? Okay, don’t answer that but it’s important. That sly dog Enda is keeping us on the edge of our seats keeping the date to himself so the excitement is overwhelming. This is not one to miss.

4: The Craic

He was grand until the air hit him he swears















Need I say any more?

So ladies and gentlemen, I implore you. You don’t need your big money moves to Amsterdam, Krakow or Budapest. Keep your money local and be proud to be Irish.

Aidan Delaney

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