Heil Trump! Are the comparisons justified?

Donald Trump, as many are aware is running for the republican nomination to become the next president of the United States of America.


It’s hard to miss when everyday there is a new story about his campaign. From his extreme policies to his latest comments that are always either bizarre, sexist, racist or offensive to a minority.

One recent scandal came from Anne Frank’s step sister, Eva Schloss, who compared the Republican candidate to the most famous dictator of all time, and said “he is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism.”


Schloss, who is a holocaust survivor herself said she fears for the potential of what could happen should he be elected.


This may be viewed as extreme, but when asked if Donald Trump is capable of committing genocide, she said, “we don’t know yet, he’s not yet in power.” These are bold statements to make, especially in modern times, but there’s no doubt that there are similarities between the two men, and their campaigns for power.


Throughout their campaigns, both use fear mongering tactics to voice their opinion, and rally support. Hitler infamously blamed the Jews for the poor state of Germany after World War 1, while Trump is blaming every other minority from Mexicans and Muslims to the Chinese and even Irish students for being a burden on America’s economy.


Both men have stated that they have ways to fix their respective countries, by either keeping them free of immigrants, and deporting or detaining them all. Trump believes “a nation without borders is not a nation” and wishes to build a wall between America and Mexico to keep the Mexicans out. He also wishes for them to build and pay for it, could this be compared to the work in labour camps?


Another similarity is their blatant racist remarks. They both argue about keeping their respective nations pure, and believe citizenship should only be offered to true Americans or Germans. Ironically Hitler was of Austrian descent, and Trump’s grandfather was a German immigrant in America.


Trump may well take his cues from Hitler considering has a book full of his speeches, as stated by his ex-wife, Ivanna Trump. This was confirmed by Trump himself, when he said, “it’s okay though, the guy who gave me it, is a Jew”, who in fact was not.


Although many believe Trump will not become president of the White House, there is no denying his campaign has momentum. He may not get elected but the potential risk is there, as Schloss said, we don’t know what he is capable of, and you should never have to say that for someone who is running for the position of the most powerful man in the world.


Jordan Kavanagh

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