The funniest women in comedy

Rather recently, a friend of mine confessed she wasn’t a fan of female comedians. “I don’t find any of them funny” she confessed, to my utter shock and disappointment. As a big fan of comedy, I was inspired to compile a list of comediennes and funny women that are smart, witty and most importantly, perhaps the most hilarious human beings on the planet.


Aisling Bea

Hailing from County Kildare, Aisling studied at Trinity College before realising her true passion for comedy. Regular appearances on popular UK panel shows such as ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’, ‘QI’ and ‘8 Out of 10 Cats’ have cemented her as one of the recurring faces on the UK comedy scene. Recent appearances on shows such as ‘Trollied’, ‘Insert Name Here’ and ‘Room 101’ and plans of working with fellow Irish comic Sharon Horgan for a new Channel 4 series mean this Irish comedienne’s star is set to rise.


Sharon Horgan

County Meath native Horgan attended school in Drogheda before moving to London to train as an actress. Starring in successful comedy series’ such as ‘Pulling’ and ‘Dead Boss’ won her numerous awards and lay the foundation for 2015 smash-hit sitcom ‘Catastrophe’. Horgan co-wrote ‘Catastrophe’ with Rob Delaney, an American comedian and the two starred in both of the series shown on Channel 4 with talks of a third series ruminating. Horgan’s new show ‘Divorce’ has been picked up by HBO, only adding to her already glowing CV.

Sharon Horgan with Rob Delaney in ‘Catastrophe’.



Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti, or as some may recognise her – ‘Gina’ from Fox comedy series ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is an American actress, writer and stand-up comedian. Appearances on ‘Parks & Recreation’ and ‘Big Fat Quiz Of Everything’ showcase her razor-sharp and intelligent wit. Her Netflix special ‘One Of The Greats’ was released to great critical acclaim, and is absolutely essential watching.


Amy Schumer

2015 was a huge year for Amy Schumer, star of controversial Comedy Central’s ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ and box office hit ‘Trainwreck’. Having performed stand-up since 2004, presenting the 2015 MTV Movie Awards came as a breeze to Miss Schumer, leading comparisons to Joan Rivers and Lucille Ball. Schumer’s style of comedy is provocative and dark yet searingly funny. If you aren’t laughing at the humour, you’re laughing in disbelief. Plans for a movie starring Schumer and Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence have been confirmed, which we can only look forward to.


Amy Schumer and Bill Hader in ‘Trainwreck’.



Michaela Coel

English writer and performer Coel rose to fame in 2015 with e4 sitcom ‘Chewing Gum’, showcasing the observational humour and special storytelling that only Coel is capable of. Coel uses her childhood growing up in a council housing estate and her strict Catholic upbringing as folly for hilarious and awkward situations. ‘Chewing Gum’ was released to great critical acclaim, with hopes for a second series very high.

Michaela Coel

Jessica Knappett

Starring as ‘Lisa’ in the Inbetweeners movie in 2011, writer and actress Knappett has plenty of comedy credentials. She co-wrote the hilarious e4 sitcom ‘Drifters’ and starred as the main character Meg for all three series. Her geeky, awkward style guarantees laughs every single time. Series three ended in November 2015, however hopefully we have not yet seen the last of Jessica Knappett.


Jessica Knappett starred in the hit E4 series ‘Drifters’




Maya Rudolph

Ex-SNL star Rudolph has an extensive repertoire of celebrities she can imitate flawlessly – ranging from  Oprah Winfrey, Donatella Versace and Beyoncé. Appearances in 2011’s ‘Bridesmaids’ and 2015’s ‘Sisters’ show her incredibly natural comic ability and with such a flare for comedy, 2016 will only increase her fanbase.


Lena Dunham

American writer and actress Dunham remains a controversial figure in society for her provocative humour and often unique views on politics, however it is from HBO drama ‘Girls’ that she is best known for. Largely compared to cult series ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Girls’ is fresh, funny and modern. Dunham’s ability to share warts and all is refreshing and endearing and with season 5 due to be released later this month, ‘Girls’ is a show that should not be missed.



Maeve Higgins

Cork native Higgins first gained attention on RTÉ 2’s ‘Naked Camera’ followed by ‘Maeve Higgins’ Fancy Vittles’, both huge successes in Irish media. A unique and quirky stand-up, her gags are delivered with a special observational outlook. After moving to New York,  2015 saw her appear on huge US show ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ and release a book ‘Off You Go’, showing no slowing down in 2016 for the hilarious Higgins.

Maeve Higgins

Rebecca Keane

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