Unwind and recline in beautiful Berlin

Last month I began to fulfil my number one new year’s resolution, to travel as much as possible, by visiting Berlin with six of my friends.

We prepared for the January snow with as many coats and mittens that our carry-on would allow and took in the snowscape from the plane window as we descended.

We arrived on a Thursday and settled into our AirBnb apartment, which was located in the heart of Berlin’s vegan district. We took an Uber cab (the best way to travel in Berlin as everything is so spread out) to the East gallery portion of the Berlin wall and strolled along, taking in the art work and history of the graffiti-scarred barrier.

We then visited a little nook for Brunch called Roamers which served the most appetising vegetarian cuisine imaginable.

The Friday itinerary included brunch at a biker-style, candlelit café called Beakers, which was one of the most delicious yet simple meals I have ever eaten.

Later we visited the Jewish History Museum, one of the most immersive, curative experiences I have ever had. I advise giving a full day to this enveloping exploit as we didn’t allow enough time for it.

The outdoor exhibits such as the Garden of Exile and Tower of the Holocaust were particularly spine-chilling, along with the hundreds of artefacts symbolising the trials and tribulations of the Holocaust.

Saturday brought brunch at Gold-Spree, a chain restaurant with self-service and little pagers which buzzed when your food was ready.

Later we braved the treacherous ice to see the Mauerpark Flea Market, a haven of vintage clothing, sublime food and an assortment of knick-knacks. Do not be afraid to haggle.

The nightlife was amazing. We visited Kitty Chengs, Suicide Circus, The Matrix and the infamous Tresor.

Tresor is my ultimate pick, with its maze of underground tunnels, thick fog of smoke and rave music. It was everything you would expect Berlin nightlife to be.

Our final day involved a trip to the DDR museum, which offers interactive installations about Communist Germany, including a jail cell suited for a Communist spy and a vintage car you can sit in and “drive” around pre-war Berlin.

In Berlin, every street is an art exhibition with expressive walls to be found everywhere, along with many clubs, cafés and parks yet to be explored.

Sarah Magliocco

Image credit: Sarah Magliocco

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