Internal investigation shows no evidence of ‘UCD200’

An investigation by UCD failed to corroborate the existence of a group in which 200 male students supposedly shared pictures of girls they had slept with, as claimed by The College Tribune.

The UCD student-newspaper published that a Facebook group chat, predominately made up of male students from Agricultural Science, was used for members to post explicit images and stories of women they had been involved with and rating them. In an email circulated to the entire UCD student body, Deputy President and Registrar of the college, Professor Mark Rogers explained that the university immediately carried out an investigation into these claims which are so far unsubstantiated.

“Following the investigation, the specific allegations made in the article were not upheld,” Rogers said. “Although this investigation is concluded, I am not so naïve as to believe that the university community is immune to this type of activity,” he continued.

The email stipulates that 28 people were interviewed as part of the investigation and a large amount of online content was reviewed.

Katie O’Neill

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