CRC vote in favour of changing SU Election date

DCU’s Class Rep Council have voted in favour of changing the election dates for the upcoming Students’ Union elections, in order to better suit students who would otherwise be unable to vote.

Due to the amalgamation of the St Patrick’s Drumcondra and DCU campuses, the elections need to be scheduled to accommodate both equally. The initial dates proposed for the election were unsuitable for final year students in St Pat’s who would be on placement, it was argued.

While the council can vote on whether or not to change the date, it remains only the DCU Returning Officer Steve Conlon who can decide on the date itself. The council said they can provide the Returning Officer with all of their arguments and research, but his decision remains final.

“Basically, the meeting today was to decide if we would revoke the election dates that were sent out originally. The class rep voted, and I think it was 100 per cent majority to change it. Now we just have to get the Returning Officer to set new dates,” SU President Kim Sweeney told The College View.

“I was trying to include everyone honestly, and I was trying to present the best options that the Students’ Union has come up with. I hope the class reps will think about that before our next meeting”.

Also discussed at the meeting was a possible protest held by student nurses seeking to be paid at least minimum wage for the work they are required to do for their course. Under the current system, some student nurses feel they are being underpaid, despite doing the same 12-hour shifts as fully qualified nurses.

“We support our nurses completely. If it was to go ahead, we will support them and organise for students to go to the protest. There was a motion put forward earlier this year to support our nurses no matter what so we will be supporting them, and making sure enough awareness is created,” said Sweeney.

Jamie Concannon

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