RAG Soc choose raising over rowdiness

RAG week came to DCU last week and the Raising and Giving Society aimed to distance themselves from the reputation of ‘RAG weeks’ across the country.

RAG week at DCU saw a big push for the society’s social project including “RAG Rhythms” and “Operation Renovation” in Ballymun as well as evening events which drew huge crowds especially RAG Relief and a Justin Bieber tribute hour during Shite Night.

Chair of the society, Caoimhe Ní Mhaolagáin said the aim of the week was to highlight the good work the RAG volunteers do and portray a positive image of the society in the community surrounding the college.

“Unlike other colleges throughout the country we are the only one with a RAG society. We have to take a lot of care in what we do as we help vulnerable people and don’t want to give RAG a bad reputation in the area,” she said.

She went on to say that the heart of RAG week has been lost on the majority of unofficial RAG weeks in different counties are now just a reason for antisocial behaviour.

“The RAG weeks around the country have lost the true meaning of “Raising and Giving Week” and have just turned into another excuse to drink,” she said.

All proceeds raised during the week at events including “Joe Blogg’s 21st”, “The Underwear Mile” and those mentioned above will be donated to the “Laura Lynn” and the “Jack and Jill” foundations. Ní Mhaolagáin added these were chosen because of the charities’ work with children.

“We chose these two charities due to the fact we do a lot of our projects with children and these charities really hit home for us all”.

Jennifer Purdy

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