Restaurant review: Lemon Jelly

Lunchtime on a Saturday in Dublin is hectic for many cafes in the city and Lemon Jelly is no exception.

Located in Dublin’s Italian Quarter, this little gem is a must-visit. The staff are friendly, the food is delicious and the price isn’t too outrageous.

The menu is wonderfully varied, so it will suit all tastes. From big bagels and crispy ciabatta to sweet and savoury pancakes, it is ideal for a brunch date.

I visited Lemon Jelly at about 2 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon with four other people and although it was busy, we had no difficulty getting a table. We were also given adequate time to browse the brightly-coloured menu.

After some deliberation, I opted for the Maple Madness crepes, which comes smothered in maple syrup and butter and was priced at €5.50. To drink, I chose a strawberry milkshake, as my sweet tooth was particularly acting up that day, which came with a dollop of fresh cream on top.

The drinks menu is also quite varied, ranging from fresh juices and smoothies to wine, beer and champagne. They also serve a selection of Suki tea.

The waiting time was a little longer than desirable but given the busy nature of the place, the wait was forgivable. As well as that, the waiter had to return to our table twice to clarify information about what we had ordered.

When our food finally arrived, we were all ready to start eating. The presentation of my sweet crepes was underwhelming, while all the other dishes my friends ordered looked beautiful.

However, the taste was wonderful and I soon realised why the serving was so small. It filled me up quite quickly and I couldn’t even finish it. The milkshake also helped with this because it was so rich and creamy.

Lemon Jelly is situated on Millennium Walkway, Dublin 1 and is an ideal spot for lunch during a day of shopping in the city. The prices are fairly reasonable and student-friendly and the atmosphere is cool and relaxed.

Aoibheann Diver

Image credit Michelle Martin

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