REVIEW: All Time Low at the 3Arena

All Time Low are no strangers to Dublin, having played multiple gigs here throughout their music career. However, this time was different. It was the first time the boys had ever played the 3arena, but despite their nerves about this, they did not disappoint.

In 2015 the band released their sixth studio album ‘Future Hearts’. The album tour was so successful, the boys decided to do it all over again, this time calling it the Back to Future Heart tour. Supporting them were fellow pop-punkers Good Charlotte and YouTube band Against The Current.

Against The Current begin the night with energy and enthusiasm. Frontwoman Chrissy Costanza resembles a young Hayley Williams. She delivers truly impressive vocals to a slightly empty arena. The band dabbles in original work and chart hits, getting the crowd pumped for what’s to come.

Good Charlotte presents an even more energetic performance. After their five year break, it is clear fans are thrilled to have them back. However, as Dublin is the last show of the tour, lead singer Joel Madden appears to have drank one too many. He repeats himself and rambles a lot, which doesn’t go unnoticed by the audience.

As time ticks on, the fans finally get what they’ve been waiting for, their heroes. All Time Low explode on stage with ‘Kids In the Dark’, and the crowd erupts. Song after song, the now full arena is on their feet jumping and throwing their fists in the air. Impressive pyrotechnics and visual backgrounds really add to the performance. The blasts of fire and fireworks add immensely to the production.

The boys are very chatty. Lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth and lead guitarist Jack Barakat interact with the crowd between each song. They deliver a great setlist, with classics like A Love Like War, Poppin’ Champagne and Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t) threaded between newer material.

Joel Madden reappears to sing Bail Me Out with the band, a song he co-wrote. This is a definite crowd pleaser and the boys provide a funny, yet cute, anecdote as to why they wrote it, and squeaky ‘aws’ are heard from the younger fan-girls.

The crowd is mixed. Die-hard fans that have been supporting the band for years are not difficult to spot, neither are the new generation who have only just discovered the pop-punk genre. A sea of coloured hair, piercings and edgy clothes – this is where they belong. There is definitely a sense of community among everyone, not something every band can bring to their fans.

The only downfall to the night is the fact that the boys seem to forget that a large amount of their fan base is quite young. Some derogatory and inappropriate comments are made throughout the night, leaving expressions of utter horror on the faces of the parents who have been forced to be there.

However, they manage to redeem themselves from this. Part of the stage reaches into the middle of the crowd, where Alex now stands alone with a mic and his guitar. He asks the crowd to sing with him, and begins a heartfelt rendition of Therapy. As instructed, the crowd sings along. Every word is echoed in beautiful harmony. Emotional and passionate, it is the highlight of the night.

Alex then speaks about how it’s okay to struggle, and how there is always help available. This truly shows how much the band supports and cares for their fans. Missing You, a song about struggling and how you have to keep fighting, is bellowed out through streams of tears.

The set takes off again and the crowd are back jumping, with even the occasional attempt at a mosh pit. Coffee Shop Soundtrack gets the older fans going, while the younger fans wait until Old Scars/Future Hearts to be re-energised. The band thanks their support acts and their fans and leaves the stage.

The usual chants of ‘olé’ come and go before the crowd break out in song as Weightless opens the encore. Something’s Gotta Give is another highlight, and Dear Maria Count Me In concludes their performance. The boys stay on stage for a few minutes, thanking fans, waving and blowing kisses.

Finally they exit and the crowd begins to disperse. Fans will definitely cherish the memory of this energetic, emotional rollercoaster of a night. There is no doubt that All Time Low deliver an exceptional performance, and fans are reassured because they will be back.


Emer Handly

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