The pros and cons of commuting to college

Many students face the decision every year of whether they will commute to college or move out. Commuting to college definitely isn’t the most appealing option, but there are some upsides to making the daily trek.

You save money by not moving out. Don’t get me wrong, you still fall into the ‘broke students’ category but you definitely benefit from being able to go home to a warm, cooked meal from your mammy.

If you’re lucky, you might even get away with not having to pay rent because you’re ‘still a student’.

Apart from that, commuting is more hassle than it’s worth. Here’s what you miss out on as a commuter:

Socialising. College is great for meeting new people and going out every night but when you’re a commuter you can’t go out very often unless you live close or have friends willing to put you up. Nights out are always restricted and your ability to socialise is limited, but you save money on not being able to party all the time.

Getting involved with clubs and socs. Being in college for your lectures is difficult enough without having to hang around all day to get involved with other gatherings. That dreaded journey home is made easier when you get to run out of the building as soon as possible to beat rush hour.

Early rising. There is also the challenge of having to get up several hours earlier than your classmates who live on campus just to be on time for the same lecture that they woke up for ten minutes before it started.

The trip to college definitely has its trials and tribulations but perhaps the good outweighs the bad when you’re eating your roast dinner while your friends send you snapchats of their Koka pot noodles.

Aisling McCabe

Image credit: David Clarke

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