Yoyo Wallet allows payment by phone on campus

The Students’ Union launched the Yoyo Wallet app this week that will allow DCU students to pay for goods on campus using their smartphone.

Yoyo Wallet decreases transaction time, eliminates the need to carry cash and provides the user with rewards and discounts. Students can use the app to pay for items anywhere on campus, excluding Nubar and Spar.

SU president Kim Sweeney announced the introduction of Yoyo Wallet on Monday, after previously promising a new on-campus payment method in her manifesto last year.

She suggested a “multiuse student card” which could be topped up online or at pay stations around campus similar to the printer credit already implemented in the library.

Since Yoyo Wallet’s launch in 2014, the company has signed a total of 26 universities and 40 head office corporate catering locations. The app is being used on over 600 retail sites.

“Overall, I feel it is a great alternative for students to have the option and it will also be useful for budgeting your money and seeing what you’re spending,” said Kim Sweeney, regarding the app.

“There are so many great aspects to this app while it is also safe, as passwords are required to use it.”

Starbucks already uses a similar app that adds a star to the user’s account after the purchase of food or drink in their cafés. Once a user racks up 12 stars, the customer is awarded a free item.

To mark the launch of Yoyo Wallet, DCU students can get 10% off purchases around campus for the next month.


Lydia McKay

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