De-stress with the power of yoga

The life of a student is hard, with all those late nights, tins of beans and cramming sessions, it’s a wonder we have any energy left for the weekend.

But it is important for students to look after themselves and a great way to do this is through yoga.

Yoga is a simple and versatile type of exercise that anyone can do, regardless of fitness levels. You can start at the bottom, work your way up and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll improve.

The benefits of yoga are endless and not a lot of people realise just how good it can be. As well as increasing your flexibility, strength and posture, the stretching helps rid your body of harmful toxins and it can boost your immune system and energy levels. It also helps you get a deep and restful sleep.

As if this wasn’t enough, there are also many ways it can help your mental health, and as students we know all too well that this is vital.

Yoga is described as being one of the easiest ways to practice mindfulness, which is recommended to combat depression and anxiety. It can help you focus and relax.

By using more of your lung capacity to practice deep breathing, combined with the gentle exercises, yoga boosts your serotonin levels and is proven to make you happier.

There is a slight misconception that yoga is just for girls or just for very flexible people but this is completely untrue. Many male athletes recommend the practice and people who aren’t at all flexible can just start out slowly.

It is very important to take time out for yourself and finding ‘me-time’ should be a priority. All you have to do is wear something comfortable and prepare to feel great afterwards.

Amy Rohu

Image credit: Amy Lawlor

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