Faculty of Humanities & Social Science welcomes new courses

New Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses are being added to the DCU Faculty of Humanities & Social Science, following the amalgamation of St. Patrick’s College (SPC), Mater Dei Institute of Education and DCU.

A new incorporated BA (Joint Honours) Arts programme has been introduced to the available Undergraduate courses in DCU as a result of the different BA programmes in DCU, St. Pats and Mater Dei. Included in the new BA (Joint Honours) subjects are English, Geography, History, Human Development, Music, Theology and Religious Studies, which were previously taught in St. Pats and Mater Dei.


The new Postgraduate courses in the Faculty include Children’s Literature, Irish, History, Theatre Studies, International Theatre Studies, Music, Theology and Poetry Studies. These were previously called the Taught MA in Humanities, in St. Pats.


It has not yet been decided which campus the classes will be delivered on, according to Dr. Jennifer Bruen, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, in the Faculty.


“Sometimes students could end up on both campuses, but we try to minimise that as much as possible,” Bruen said. The Faculty said they will not face any issues with a rise in students due to the new courses, as the the BA Arts classes will be spread throughout the three campuses.


“The masters courses don’t tend to be huge, they range in numbers but they’re not in the hundreds,” Bruen said. “There isn’t really a numbers issue with them.”


The new BA Arts programme began running last September. The Postgraduate courses run as two year part time programmes, with half of the new courses running since September. The other half of courses will begin next September. Theology and Poetry Studies run every year.


“It’s lovely to have all the new ideas and new programmes in the Faculty,” Bruen said. “It’s a huge advantage for us. It’s a great choice for students as well, to have a good mixture.”


Hayley Halpin


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