Laura Harmon,former USI president runs for Seanad Election

Former USI president, Laura Harmon announced she will run as an Independent candidate in the Seanad Eireann elections.

She is running for a position on the National University of Ireland panel, which consists of three seats.

In an interview with The College View, Harmon expressed she wanted to see reform in the Seanad.

“I voted for retention of the Seanad and I think people who voted for that voted because they wanted to see a reform in the Seanad. We didn’t see any reform,” Harmon said.

She explained how she believes every Irish citizen should be entitled to vote in the Seanad elections. This includes “not only all graduates, but all citizens including votes for citizens abroad”.

“I want to see an online voting system like in the UK, this would make it easier for people to vote,” Harmon said.

One issue she feels passionate about is an accessible education system. Ireland has the second highest college fees in Europe. Harmon fears that if this continues Irish students will leave and study abroad in countries that offer free education.

She believes education should be publicly invested in and “accessible at all levels from primary school all the way to third level.”

During her time as USI president, Harmon worked with over 300,000 students across the country. She hopes the experience she gained from this experience will help her if elected.

“I’ve learned about a lot of issues facing young people, their views are often not represented,” she said, “I’ve received amazing support from individuals in Student Unions and from students.”

Along with accessible education, Harmon wants to focus on environmental issues such as climate change as well improving the support for the arts.

“I want to be a Senator who represents the views of modern Ireland,” Harmon told the Irish Times.

Hannah Kelly

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