Student cooking: kitchen staples

It’s halfway through the second semester and, unless you have a part-time job, your funds may be falling. This can make even the simplest things more difficult, such as eating.

The solution is not to spend your money on takeaways and NuBar goujons. For cheaper and (slightly) healthier meals, just fill up your kitchen cupboards with these essential student carbohydrates.

Pasta: So much more than a stereotype. Pasta can be eaten in so many ways: carbonara, bolognese, pasta bake or simply sprinkled with cheese. It’s perfect for lunch and dinner.

Bread: A student staple. From sandwiches at lunch to beans on toast at midnight, bread is hard to beat. To mix things up, change the type of bread you buy every week and switch to bread rolls, bagels or wraps.

Noodles: Quick, easy and cheap. You really can’t go wrong with 12 cent noodles from Tesco.

Cereal: Great for breakfast, but even better for dessert when you mix it with melted chocolate. It works best with Rice Krispies (or cheaper equivalent).

Rice: Perfect side dish for many meals such as curry, sweet and sour chicken and risotto.

Potatoes: Versatile and delicious. From buttery mash to homemade chips, the possibilities are endless with the humble potato.

Aoibheann Diver

Image credit: Amy Lawlor

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