First Irish Officer elected to SU

DCU’s Class Rep Council have elected the first Irish Officer to the Students’ Union Executive.

Caoimhe Ní Cathail ran unopposed for the position at Council on Tuesday March 8th. She also answered questions from the assembles class representatives.

Ní Cathail spoke for two minutes before the vote was cast on the positive impact the position will have including the further integration of St. Patricks College.

When asked by one class rep if it would be possible to guarantee the Irish Officer would be fluent Returning Officer Steve Conlon said it would not be possible to do so without it becoming an equality issue.

Ní Cathail will act as Irish Officer on the SU until a new candidate can be elected for the next full academic year.

“I think the creation of this new position is long overdue and is going to have a huge impact on the college as a whole”, Ní Cathail said afterwards.

“The Irish language has become increasingly present on campus with the strength of the Cumann Gaelahc, the increasing number of students studying Irish and the role of an Oifigeach Gaeilge on the staff being filled … in 2014”.

Glen Murphy

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