Escape to beautiful Barcelona

Having spent hours on end browsing flight fares on countless websites, I decided to take a three-day trip to Barcelona. I am very lucky that I have Fridays off in the final year of my course, but unlucky that my best friend is on Erasmus (or lucky, when it comes to travel).

Barcelona is the most beautiful city I have ever visited, it even beat Bruges in the beauty stakes. The whole place is picturesque, from the cathedrals which line the city centre to the maritime views at the coast.

I endeavoured to fill my days abroad with as many activities as possible, ensuring each aspect of the city could be seen and appreciated. Needless to say, I was absolutely exhausted by the time I caught the flight home.

Staying five minutes away from Arc de Triomf was a wonderful decision, firstly because it is a tourist attraction in itself, and secondly because it is a central and accessible location, both by foot and by Metro.

This made it ever so simple to see all the sights in such a short stay. After spending some time at Parc De Ciutedella, located across from the hostel, and marvelling at Arc De Triomf, I decided to venture to other tourist spots, such as La Sagrada Familia. This cathedral is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Building commenced in 1882 and is still in progress. The cathedral was originally designed by artist Gaudi, inspired by bookseller, Josép Maria Bocabella.

I also saw the beauty of Barcelona by boat at Las Golondrinas and from the highest point of Park Güell. After visiting the port of Barcelona, I strolled down the beach and stumbled upon Ice Bar Barcelona. I had seen so many photos uploaded to Facebook of Ice Bar Amsterdam and was determined to give it a try. I felt like Queen Elsa in my very own ice castle.

My travels became less touristic when I visited La Museu de Xocolata, a museum populated by sculptures made entirely from chocolate. I also stumbled upon La Museu de l’Erotica, a strange yet amusing experience, where exhibitions showcased the wonders of the erotic world.

I love animals and visits to Dublin Zoo, so when I discovered Barcelona Zoo nearby, I couldn’t pass it by. The zoo is enormous compared to its Dublin counterpart, featuring dolphins and the opportunity to see animals in a more natural environment, minus cages and high fences.

Áine Monk

Image credit: Áine Monk

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