Free education is viable at third level, says USI

Free education is a viable option at third level, according to the Union of Students in Ireland.

The USI has stated that politicians can no longer pretend free third level education is not viable.

“We always thought it was viable and campaigned as such. The difference we’re pointing to this time is that the Cassells’ group report has included state funded education as one of three options available to the next government,” said Kevin Donoghue, USI President.

Many politicians have claimed that free third level education would be great if it was viable.

“Sweden can do it, Germany can do it and now the Cassells’ report is saying we can do it. The writing is on the walls and in the paper – free education is a viable option and not the pipe dream so many people would make it out to be,” said Donoghue.

The USI is calling on political groups to ensure a move for free third level education is incorporated in programme for the next government.

“Considering our reliance on a highly educated work force for economic growth, the value it brings in a social and economic sense, and the opportunities it creates where there otherwise might be none it is crucial that we secure investment in the sector now,” said Donoghue.

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