The Helix increases booking fees to ensure sustainability

The Helix has increased booking fees across the board to ensure the future sustainability of the venue, according to General Manager, Michael Brady.

All rates were individually assessed and realigned based on their previous level, and their percentage discount of external rates.

“As a result, there wasn’t one standard increase but rather a number of separate increases implemented in order to apportion a fair and balanced approach across all our venues,” Brady said.

As a growing demand for the venue and as a result of market prices, external and corporate rates were also increased.  

However, the DCU student body will not be affected by the by the increased booking fees. Brady has stated that students will continue to be offered a “favorable rate” which will facilitate Club and Society events without compromising the financial and operational viability of the Helix.

Student rack rates have been revised since the beginning of 2016, leaving the current student discount rate at 40-50% for both the Mahony Hall and the Theatre spaces.

The Helix provides some spaces to the university’s Clubs & Societies, for training, workshops and rehearsals. The basement area is also allocated to Clubs & Societies to be used as storage for all property and props of their possession. These services remain free of charge to students.

The Helix regularly invests in its facilities, requiring considerable capital expenditure and continuous upgrading. The venue is committed to funding the upgrades out of its own resources, according to Brady.

“It is critically important that the venue continues to invest in its facilities in order to maintain and promote itself as a world class arts, conferencing and events centre, for all its on and off-campus customers,” Brady said.

The Helix is managed by UAC Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of DCU. The university provides annual support of €500,000. All profits that are derived from the Helix activities are returned to DCU to support its strategic objectives.

All decisions in relation to operational matters concerning the Helix are taken by the General Manager in conjunction with the Board of UAC Management Limited.


Hayley Halpin

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