TCD Students Against fees wants to “finish the year with a bang”

TCD Students Against Fees held a meeting on Tuesday to decide on their structure and the action they should take.

Among the members who came to support the movement, SU president Lynn Ruane attended and expressed that “we’re completely behind you, I’m here to hear what you guys want.”

The group agreed that they wanted the leadership to come from the group and not their Students’ Union, but that it would be a “wasted resource” to exclude them.

Ruane said that a big resource was the group itself, “depending on what our strategy is, small numbers can make a difference”.

Last year a mandate was passed by the TCDSU that ensured the group exists with SU support. However, this mandate did not include student loans.

“I feel like the mandate is what’s sticking us”, Ruane said.

She believed the next best steps for the group would be to follow up on USI involvement and get academics who oppose fees involved.

While discussing future actions one member of the group mentioned how crucial social media is and said “social media campaigns don’t work without engagement”.

The group did not decide on any future events but agreed “we need a tangible, physical action…we need to finish the year with a bang”.

Hannah Kelly

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