President: Dylan Kehoe on “Wifi Walkway”, the upcoming USI referendum and his hopes to raise €100,000 if elected.

Dylan Kehoe is a final year Communications student. Kehoe has shown in the past that he can reach the goals that he sets himself and can deliver on high targets as proven when he both ran a Marathon last year and organised and recruited over 200 students for this year’s Beg, Borrow, Steal event.

Kehoe has said that organising Beg, Borrow, Steal offered the chance to raise a significant amount of money for charity; However, he maintains that if he were elected President of the SU he would have an even larger platform and opportunity to raise much needed funds for Irish charities.

“If you’re President of the SU there’s a hell of a lot more opportunity to engage with students and to get them involved with college life.”

His manifesto boasts such introductions as a “Wifi Walkway” which would offer free Wifi to students who were traveling from DCU campus to St. Pat’s Campus in Drumcondra and Vice versa, allowing students to access college work while they were commuting.

Kehoe also spoke about the upcoming referendum involving DCU and the USI and said that the USI offer a significant platform to educate and train members of the SU and that although their work is not seen physically on campus they still do have a major role to play when it comes to the Student Union.

When questioned about whether or not he would support the upcoming referendum he agreed while he has not heard anything negative about the USI he would allow the student body to decide which path to take and from there would fight tooth and nail for whatever the students agree on.

“If the Students want to vote out, we’ll go out; you have to fight for whatever the student’s want.”

Kehoe also said that he wants to work together with the education officer so that they can try to tackle any issues or problems that students with learning difficulties or disabilities may be currently experiencing and how they can put a plan in place to tackle any of these problems.

“It’s about thinking outside the box. How can we manipulate and change lectures, how can we make lectures more accessible.”

Kehoe also discussed how the Students against fees group is going to gather steam next year and will be a main item he will have to tackle if elected in the upcoming academic year. He said, “The fees at the moment are incredibly high and if this is what the student’s want then I’m there to support that; If there is a viable option there to get the fees down then I’ll 100% be supporting that.”

Kehoe described how DCU has been kind to him in the past and he’s had some of the best experiences of his life here, but it’s now time for him to return the favour for DCU.

“I’ve had some of the best times in DCU and this is now my chance to give back DCU by becoming SU president and putting my ideas in place to benefit the entire student body.”

Paul Dwyer

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