The anti-fees movement and the amalgamation, hot topics for President hopefuls

Five candidates are running for the position of DCU Students’ Union President 16/17 in the upcoming election.

Dylan Kehoe, Seán Cassidy, Ivan Hynes, Cormac Kilty and Ayub Beshir are the five students contesting the role of President.

Final year Communications student Dylan Kehoe has said that he is able to make things happen as he organised the Beg, Borrow, Steal event.

He promises to work with the Students Against Fees group next year to try and reduce current fees for college.
Speaking on the topic he said, “I’m there to support…that if that’s what the student’s want they we have to fight for it.”

Final year chemistry student Ivan Hynes is already used to DCU’s political landscape as he was Science Health and faculty Rep last year.

Hynes wants to ensure that the amalgamation of St. Pat’s and DCU goes as smoothly as possibly by ensuring that all members of the SU team will spend equal amounts of time in both campuses.

“My goal is that all sabbaticals with float between both campuses so that they know who they are and what they do.”

Final year multimedia student Cormac Kilty has said he would have no problem dedicating himself to the presidential role if he’s elected.

Kilty said that Mental Health is currently a huge issue among young people and he hopes to tackle this by putting more money aside of the SU’s budget to hire more much needed counsellors and that will hopefully make college a better experience for anyone who suffers with their mental health.

“I want people to come in to college even on days when they don’t have college just because it’s a nice environment.”

Sean Cassidy is a second year Economics, Politics and Law student who’s been strongly involved in student politics, he wants the SU to be a positive force for change for students.

Cassidy, a member of the LGBT community, played a massive role in campaigning for marriage equality. He’s affiliated with Student’s Against Fees and is in favour of the USI as a vehicle for change.

As an Access student he says he understands students who are struggling financially. With the idea of introducing microwaves on campus he said ‘when a student turns to me and says they only have five euro in their pocket but have food at home, I think that’s how we address it’.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science final year student Ayub Beshir says he stands for integration and diversity in DCU. He has worked with a lot of students in the Access programme and mentors students coming into first year.

He says in order to help with the amalgamation and build a better community he wants to provide bikes for students to travel between the Mater dei, Pats, and DCU campuses.

As someone who’s internship was cancelled a week before, Beshir wants to promote and improve the INTRA programme for all courses.

“I want to help students to get work experience in their sector for at least one month no matter what discipline they’re in.”

Chai Brady and Paul Dwyer

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